Credits: Photgraphy by Amoghavira

Time to think, tailored to each customer:

helps people think outside the box  

....  but doesn't come out of one

When is it helpful


'Clean and clear conversations' (acknowledgements to Oonagh Gil, Scottish Government) about how and where things are going, are valuable to have.


There might be an obvious crisis or opportunity just ahead - or you could be in the middle of one:


“When a man is up to his shirt tail in alligators, he has difficulty reminding himself his initial objective was to drain the swamp.”  origin: re procrastination over new legislation, Nevada Daily Mail 20 April 1970


Without this kind of thinking time, even the most transformational leader may find themselves being driven by events: living and working in the domain of transactional, reactive, and ultimately defensive activity - 'surviving' rather than 'thriving':


Asked what was the biggest test for politicians, the post-war British prime minister Harold Macmillan is said to have replied:

“Events, dear boy, events”.   quoted in: Economist 15 Oct 2011


Open conversations need a neutral and unbiased third party to support, listen, and ask searching questions. Other assets? Analytical skills, ability to understand your sector, and preferably a wide and deep knowledge about leadership.  Obvious crises or opportunities may include:


Mid-career 'where do I go now?'     New assigment, new responsibilities           Major organisational redeployments

           Step up in responsibilties        Particularly exposed or high-profile role


So why pay good money (and probably a fair amount of it) for an external coach? More information here and here.