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Mindfulness benefits

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This is a list with brief description of each link. Enjoy!


  • Positive results: HBR interview with writer Ellen Langer here:  "I’ve been studying this for nearly 40 years, and for almost any measure, we find that mindfulness generates a more positive result."

  • Mindfulness in Wall Street: Golbie Kamarei, former Blackrock asset manager  here: "five broad principles .. for bringing a guided meditation practice to life within an organization."

  • Results for a large company here: "More than a quarter of Aetna’s 50,000 employees have taken part. Mindfulness scores increased but also on average, stress levels dropped by 28%."

  • 20 reasons why Meditation is good for your mental and physical health here: "It helps us even when  not actively practicing.  You don’t have to actually be meditating for it to still benefit your processing."