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Time to think, tailored to each customer:

helps people think outside the box  

....  but doesn't come out of one

Facilitation track record

A selection of assigments:


  • facilitated large events for Scottish Disability Equality Forum, Volunteer Scotland, Scottish Leadership Foundation, the Scottish Volunteer Centre network, Scottish Natural Heritage, Alzheimer Scotland.

  • using the 'Open Space' unconference process (for the latter thanks are due to Jo Cumming and Ian Hall  at Glentruim) ran a number of events including for Stirling Volunteer Centre and others.

  • team building and strategic planning events for smaller groups at the Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council top team, Alzheimer Scotland, Scottish Local Authority Improvement Service, Limmud Scotland, many others.

  • with 3 others led on facilitation for the UK's largest  branch of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), West Scotland: core facilitation skills training for HR colleagues and development workshops.


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