A specialist resource to help organisations and individuals develop, improve and change

We're delighted you are here and hope you’ll spend a few moments checking us out. What we can offer:

  • Learning and development - help for organisations, teams and individuals to increase skills, change attitudes, deepen knowledge, retain & develop talent, or enhance long-term career employability; balancing formal and informal approaches.
  • Coaching and mentoring - confidential, supportive space for managers, high-talent staff and any other employee to explore new ways of working ... and a measure of challenge which helps them to apply this in practice.
  • Coaching and mentoring schemes - one was assessed (in Making Coaching Work, CIPD 2006, Ch 8) by Professors David Megginson and David Clutterbuck as one of only two examples they found in the UK of a ‘systemic’ approach.
  • Consultancy projects - collaborative work often involving multiple stakeholders which investigates, analyses and assists organisations to put in place skilful and lasting responses to challenge and change.
  • Facilitation - small group, conventional and Open Space conference facilitation to get the best from the collective experience and creativity in the room: written outputs are delivered to delegates as they leave the room.
  • Interim Project management - in any of the above fields: experienced, quickly-deployed assistance, helping take some of the load off pressured teams. The result? Important projects are progressed while they can progress their other work.